My Profile

I am a Digital Transformation Architect.

I define digital enterprise architectures that use digital technologies like Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, IoT, Cognitive and Social. I create solutions using microservices based architectures, new age technology solutions, enterprise integration methods and hybrid cloud platforms.

I work closely with senior management of clients to understand the organization’s vision, strategy and business objectives and then create the Digital transformation solution architectures and roadmaps that can then extend to implementation.

As a Digital Technology Architect I align to Enterprise Reference Architectures for implementing solutions across industry domains and technology platforms. I have experience defining architectures for the retail, logistics, banking, insurance and telecom industry using the IBM cloud platform Bluemix and Hybrid Cloud,
Enterprise Integration products from IBM including IBM Integration Bus (IIB), API Connect, IBM Cloud Integration, Magento (E-Commerce), new age technologies including Node.js, Cloudant, Mobile and Analytics.

I have held overall technology leadership positions which include Solution Architecture, Project Management, technology Strategy and Planning. I have played key roles in helping new digital businesses with a technology vision, defining a technology roadmap and architecting solutions using Analytics, Cloud, Mobile and Social Technologies in the Retail and Media and Entertainment Industry.

I have vast experience in architecting and delivering e-commerce solutions on the Magento Enterprise and Community editions. My expertise includes Enterprise Architecture, Cloud and Retail Solutions, E-commerce Platforms, Digital Technologies like Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud Platforms. I possess strong leadership, analytic, problem solving, and written and spoken communication skills.

Work Summary

April 1987 – Sept 1997 : Digital Equipment India Ltd
Oct 1997 – Sept 2008 : India Ltd
Oct 2008 – Aug 2013 : Digital Solutions Architect and Consultant
Sept 2013 – May 2015 : Entrepreneur CTO
June 2015 – June 2017 : IBM India Pvt Ltd.

Work Experience

June 2015 – June 2017
Enterprise Architect

IBM India Pvt. Ltd

I have been an Enterprise Architect with IBM India from June 2015 – June 2017 where I have been helping organizations with their Digital Transformation initiatives by providing solution architectures using Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and IoT technologies.

As a Technical Solution Architect, I was responsible for architecting Enterprise Integration solutions, using cloud computing and mobile technologies. Worked very closely with the Sector teams in selling digital transformation solutions to clients.


Cloud Platform: Bluemix, Hybrid Cloud
Enterprise Integration: IIB, API Connect, IBM Cloud Integration

OpenSource: Magento (E-Commerce), New Age Technologies (Bluemix services including Node.js, Cloudant, Mobile, Analytics)

Domains: Distribution (Retail, Logistics), Financial Services

Job role:

1. Enterprise Architect: Identifying all organization Stakeholders, mapping business requirements to stakeholders, mapping applications to business requirements of stakeholders, mapping IT solutions to the identified applications, articulating the architectural guidelines based on the business requirements of the stakeholders, preparing the solution architecture based on the architectural guidelines, preparing the overall technical solution proposal based on the business requirements, architectural guidelines and the technical solution architecture prepared.

2. CIO Advisory: Business requirements gathering, preparation of an as-is applications and IT landscape, mapping business requirements from the CBM to application and IT landscape, preparation of a to-be IT landscape, carrying out the gap analysis and identifying required solutions, prioritization of identified solutions, preparation of a Technology Roadmap for digital transformation.

3. POCs and Demos: Identifying unique solution requirements of the client, discusssing and identifying specific POCs to be demonstrated, identifying resources for developing identified POCs, working with the identified resources and/or partners and getting the POC demos prepared, demoing the POCs to the clients.

Digital Transformation Solution Architecture Proposals:

  • Lulu Group (Tablez, Toys’R’Us, Springfield) – complete IT Assessment of the existing IT landscape and architecture and proposed a Digital Transformation Solution Architecture which included e-commerce and mobile solution. POC for ecommerce.
  • Kalyan Jewellers – did a complete IT Assessment of the existing IT landscape and architecture and proposed solutions to improve performance and enhance business productivity.
  • SBI Digital – Marketplace solution for the Bank’s financial and partner vendors’ products using the Magento Platform.
  • Pepsico – Solution architecture to implement a Distributor Portal
  • Stellar – Solution architecture to implement a new logistics provider business
  • V-Guard – complete IT Assessment of the existing IT landscape and architecture and proposed a Digital Transformation Solution Architecture which included e-commerce, portal, digital marketing, analytics. POC for ecommerce.
  • IDEA Digital – Solution proposal to propose an ecommerce solution.
  • HSBC – Response to an RFI for IBM’s digital solution capabilities.
  • ESAF, Ujjivan, Au Financiers – RFP responses for Small payments bank solutions.
  • DTDC – did a complete IT Assessment of the existing IT landscape and architecture and proposed a solution to improve performance
  • Suguna Foods – Business and IT Landscape study for a Digital Transformation Solution.
  • Vodafone – POC for WebRTC based user communications.
  • ICICI Bank – Solution Architecture for B2B Marketplace
  • DHFL – Solution Architecture for new insurance business.
  • Birla Sun Life Insurance – Solution architecture and approach to migrate existing collaboration solution to a new age technology platform solution.

Sept 2013 – May 2015
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Watercress Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I was the co-founder and the CTO responsible for the technical solution architecture and development of the mobile app that we built. I developed the Technology architecture and project managed the development of Compoz, a visual storytelling social network and brand marketing platform.

The mobile app provided simple to use tools to create short visual stories using photographs on the mobile phone and allowed the discovery and consumption of content created by other storytellers.

The visual storytelling app allowed consumers to create visual stories on their mobile phones using the photographs that they clicked and share these stories with their friends and followers.

Key Features of Compoz

Create: The ability to capture visuals and string them together to create an inspiring story to share with others.

Collect: The ability to build your collection of stories that you love from the world over and keep them in one convenient place.

Connect: The ability to Follow and connect with storytellers and add a different perspective to the way you tell stories.

Discover: Fuel your inspiration with interesting stories and perspectives from people all over the world.

Retell: Retell your favourite stories across platforms and make them popular for the world to discover

The product was built on the iOS platform and the backend using MySQL and Solr Search was hosted on Amazon AWS.

Sept 2008 – Sept 2010
Digital Solution Architect and Consultant

Providing digital solution architecture, web technology consulting, and project management for organizations wanting to setup new digital businesses. Consulting for technology strategy, choice of platforms and solutions to be used for brand websites, CRM, and Web Analytics.

Brand Website and Digital Marketing for CLT20 and IPL cricket tournaments conducted by the BCCI. Deployment on a cloud platform with Analytics and Social media integration. Social media marketing strategy for personal information system product, celebrity brand websites for the entertainment industry.

Consulting Chief Technology Officer
Balaji Telefilms Pvt. Ltd., October 2010 – August 2011

Was responsible for providing technology strategy and a solution architecture for a social network and talent search portal that connects job seekers, talent seekers and other businesses related to the entertainment industry with features like job alerts, events, notifications, classifieds listings, portfolio management. This was built using Python/Django Framework, MongoDB, Hadoop (HDFS/MapReduce). Analytics used for analysis of customer profiles and behavior.

Chief Technology Officer
Yes2Fashion, Lx-World, Sept 2011 – Dec 2012

Was responsible for the Solution Architecture, Development and Deployment of e-Commerce solutions for the Retail Industry on the web and mobile platforms in Luxury Retail, Lifestyle, Fashion Accessories stores and a marketplace for lifestyle products. Managed the development of multi-channel platforms with loyalty programs, partner programs, affiliates, social media integration, analytics, CRM integration and Logistics integration. Helped plan and implement Digital marketing using FB, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest and Anayltics for analysing customer behaviour and shopping patterns. Cloud deployment in AWS.

The implementations included Yes2Fashion, a fashion accessories ecommerce store. LxWorld – A Luxury Retail online store, and Yes2Shop – a multi-currency, multi-vendor online marketplace for Lifestyle products. These platforms were developed on the Magento Enterprise and Community Editions and deployed in the cloud on AWS.

Digital Solution Architect and Consultant
Bakrie Telecom, Jakarta, Indonesia, January 2013 – August 2013

Consultant to a large Telecom client to help setup a new digital business to increase subscriber base by offering subscription based digital content like live TV, Video on Demand, Music, Online and mobile games to customers on mobile and web platforms.

Provided solution architecture and the infrastructure architecture required for deploying the solution in the cloud. The solution was developed on the Magento Enterprise Edition platform and included integration with existing telecom billing and subscriber provisioning systems, CRM and Marketing systems, Integration with all content providers for catalog data and streaming content using APIs exposed by content providers. The solution was deployed in the cloud using AWS components EC2, S3, CDN, Varnish, Transcoding and Streaming services etc.

Nov 1997 – Sept 2008
Director – Web Technology India Ltd

I moved to Mumbai from Bangalore in October 1997 to begin working with Rediff was a pioneer of the internet movement in India setting up a web portal providing news, sports and entertainment to users mainly in the US who did not have ready access to news and information about India at that time.

I was a part of the early founding team and was responsible for growing the technology infrastructure and services of the portal. I had a team of programmers and starting with a simple news portal we added on other services, the main ones being email and ecommerce. I was responsible for the development, testing and deployment of the platforms and of scaling out of the hosting infrastructure.

There were multiple platforms that were built and implemented using web technologies to support the functioning of the portal. Apart from the main platforms that powered the web portal, the rediffmail and the ecommerce engine, there were other platforms also that were either built or bought and customized and deployed to support operations of the site.

• The CMS was the platform from where all the content was created and published.

• The Ads platform was responsible for managing all the banners that were displayed on the site.

• The Analytics included Omniture, which was a hosted solution for web analytics. CUBOT was used for Business Analytics. LogWatch was an inhouse built real time web logs collection, computation and reporting system for web analytics. WebTrends was deployed for daily web traffic analysis.

• The CRM deployed was a customized version of Talisma. The system was customized to integrate Talisma with the ecommerce and subscription services transactional data. This was done to provide a complete customer view to the customer service reps. There was an online self-help customer services portal integrated with the Talisma CRM for automated responses and problem resolution for the online services.

• The Digital marketing platform was deployed which used customer segmentation and targeted banners and e-mailers. was a listed company on NASDAQ and had to adhere to the SOX compliance guidelines. This required a SOX implementation which was done by implementing processes and systems for information security, change management and access control, to achieve internal control on systems impacting financial reporting. I was responsible for these implementations and for ensuring that all systems and IT processes followed the SOX compliance guidelines. The systems and processes implemented also improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

• A workflow based credits and contracts approval systems for ad-sales.

• A Revenue Reconciliation and Settlement System for ad-sales, ecommerce and mobile

• A Change Management system used in managing changes to the advertising, e-Commerce, subscription and other rediff applications.

• A Batch Deployment and Monitoring System used in the deployment and monitoring of all batch processes required for operational functioning of all production applications.

• An Access Control System used to provide secure single point access to operational and production systems in the organization.

Sept 1988 – October 1997
Digital Equipment India Ltd.

Digital Equipment India Ltd was a joint venture between Hinditron Computers Pvt. Ltd and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) USA. I had started working with Hinditron Computers from April 1987.

My role in Digital through the years was first of a software programmer working on realtime and data acquisition VAX/VMS based projects, then technical sales support for VAX/VMS products and later a Project/Program Manger of VAX/VMS based real-time and data acquisition projects, remote application support and Y2K conversion projects.