September 3, 2020

Living on the edge

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If ever there has been a time when this phrase has had more relevance than ever before then that time is now.

Edge technologies, edge computing, edge devices, edge services are what our lives are becoming all about. The sheer number of IoT devices out there is mind boggling. Everything is connected. To everything else.

There was a time when computing happened locally. Then it spread out into the cloud. All your data went out there, got processed and returned the results back to you. And it was fast. Then the devices started spreading and connecting into everything and the data they were collecting or generating still needed to make its way into the cloud. And now the return trips were no longer fast enough and this needed ways to be found for at least some of the processing to be done closer to the source. And that was the edge. The data would still need to get to the cloud but the immediate needs were being met at the edge itself. So everyone was happy with this. But what came around the corner at the turn of the year was something that no one expected. No one saw it coming. But come it did and very soon brought the world to its knees.

And now everyone is living on the edge. One false step, one wrong move, and you are going to fall off. It is as simple as that. And there is not a damn thing you can do about that. You have to walk that fine line. And you have to be careful. Very, very careful.

Nobody wanted it this way. But this is what it is. And this is how its going to stay till we find a way out. We will find a way out. I mean its not just you and me looking to find a way out. Its only the whole world that’s looking into it. So how hard can it be? But it is hard. And its going to take some time. So be patient.

You are living on the edge. And so is everyone else. So take care. Stay safe. Stay alive.

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