My Incredible World

My name is Mahesh Patwardhan. I live in Mumbai, India. I am an Enterprise Architect and Digital Solutions Consultant by profession. My profile can be viewed here.

This is a consolidation of my work that I have created over the years.  It is a showcase of my extra-curricular activities and interests. This covers my photography, writing, my travel experiences, my film interests and other topics that I have found interesting in this world. This is my way of interpreting the world around me.

This is an interesting world.  Keep your eyes open, look at the world around you, keep your ears open and listen to the world around you. There is much to see and absorb which can teach you things that no school, college or professional  organization can. I have chosen this channel to showcase my body of work. It is about me and my world around me.

A word before I go on. If there be any amongst you reading who are wondering about that strange looking contraption in the photograph above, and have to ask what it is, then this body of work is not for you. Best you get the fuck off now and spend your time with stuff that you can identify more readily with. But…. if you are interested (then thats a typewriter, sure it was before your time, but it had it’s uses) read on……..

There is a blog that I write which is mainly on digital technologies and their role in this rapidly transforming world. There has been a huge impact that Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies has had on our lives, forever changing how we view and interact in the world today. This is a world which has a large population of Millenials, those who do not have any concept of a world without the mobile phone and the internet. They demand that their needs be met in specific ways and the rest of the world simply has to learn how to leverage digital technologies to meet their needs. They risk not doing so at their own peril, as in this age of disruption those who do not will perish!

There is a collection of short stories and writing that has been done over the years. A collection of experiences, thoughts and impressions. Some serious, some not so serious and some nothing short of wacky!

We live in a world where we weather many a storm, often finding meaning in the most unlikely of places, a world where sometimes absurdity reveals more than sanity does, where vagueness sometimes clarifies more than clarity does.

And sometimes we may need to look outward for answers that we cannot find within and around us. Stories from another time, another zone.What makes sense for one need not necessarily do so for another. It is again a question of our interpretation of what is happening around us.

Stormwind – Stories from within the eye of a storm. This is a book in 3 parts –  This World, Eight Pages from a July Diary, and Two Cups of Coffee, A Smoke, and a Runaway Dream

There are two more, The Way of the Aguga and Klewzone!

Photography has been a passion and I have showcased some part of my work here. The play of light is a fascinating concept and the pictures it can paint can be magical. These are fleeting moments as it is not so much the subject itself which is interesting at times as is the way it has been painted by the light . Light and composition have to work together to paint interesting pictures.

And a handy means of capturing the moment helps too. I have photographs that have been taken on film as well with the DSLRs. My iPhone has also played a big part in helping my collection along.

There are videos that I have shot and edited, one part of my interest in the world of film and filmmaking.

Some have been showcased as they are.

Some are records of an event, and some I have edited and made into short films.

My travel has been recorded by way of photographs. Most people when they travel, put their cameras to good use and make many photographs as memories of vacations and time spent with family.

I am no different. I too have photographs from the vacations as well as travel that has been work related.

Irrespective of technology having shrunk the world, it is still a pretty huge place and there is still so much left to see. I hope we are able to travel and experience as much of it as we can in the years to come.

There has been a lot of change over the years – advances in science and technology have ensured that. What has not changed is our ability to observe and interpret. Our vision and cognitive abilities remain the same. Only the tools and methods of recording and preserving everything around us have changed. And will keep changing.

Hopefully this record will also evolve as time goes by.  It may not change the world in any way, but if it helps in continuing to improve my perspective and interpretation of this world around us, then it would have served it’s purpose.

This is a work in progress and I will keep adding to it as I find more things to share. I hope you are able to enjoy my work and get the same amount of pleasure from experiencing it as I did in creating it.

This is my world. My incredible world.


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